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genre – Animation
rating – 2146 Vote
directed by – Lino DiSalvo
country – France
actor – Adam Lambert
Creator – Lino DiSalvo
Playmobil: the movie i.
Playmobil the movie characters.
70073 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Charlie with Prison Wagon
$24. 99
$16. 87
70076 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Emperor Maximus in the Colosseum
$19. 99
$13. 49
70070 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Rex Dasher with Parachute
$9. 99
$6. 74
70077 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Marla in the Fairytale Castle
$29. 99
$20. 24
70074 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Marla and Del with Flying Horse
70071 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Robotitron with Drone
70072 PLAYMOBIL:THE MOVIE Marla with Horse
70075 PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE Del’s Food Truck
$39. 99.

Posted by: thecinemasnob
in Brad Jones, Producers, Videos
December 10, 2019
Brad and Rob check out the Lego Movie knockoff from Playmobil, and find that it’s way more bizarre than the US trailers let on!
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About thecinemasnob
Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past.
I’m a big guy. For you.
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I think the poor reviews this movie received are a reflection of a jaded, entirely-adult community of reviewers. It wasn’t perfect – it was somewhat light on jokes that my 5-year-old understood and the live action sequences were a little tense and ill-fitting, but made for acceptable bookend sequences. The screenplay was quite good, and the voice acting was superb. The songs weren’t the focal point of the movie & kind of began and ended without much adieu, which I actually preferred over the jarring music video feel of the songs in Frozen/2. Gaffigan’s character felt like he wrote his dialogue himself and thus it was a particular highpoint. The joke at the end about the other dinosaurs recognizing the main one was an excellent end to the movie. The entire sequence with Radcliffe was very good viewing material, though maybe not as much for young kids.

Playmobil the movie rex dasher.
Playmobil the movie dvd release date.
Playmobil: the.
Nice movie for the kids. My childeren didn’t play with playmobile but the movie is okay.

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Playmobil the movie (2019.
Playmobil: the movie 2019 imdb dvd.
Playmobil: the movie trailer.
Nell Minow
December 6, 2019
A movie « inspired » by a line of toys has one essential challenge—to be more than a feature-length commercial. Tops in that category are  » The Lego Movie  » and  » The Lego Batman Movie,  » with  » Trolls  » following behind. « Playmobil: The Movie » comes much further down the list, just before  » UglyDolls,  » which couldn’t even get its message straight about how beauty is what’s inside. It’s not a spoiler to say the message here is that we should all be open to adventure and play. But it drags along, the 110-minute running time seeming even longer than that. And it fails to justify itself as a film, with a lackluster storyline that does not try to keep consistent the rules of the world it creates. After a whole scene establishing the limited mobility of the Playmobil characters, they suddenly switch to being able to have human-like joints and range of motion. It does not even work as a commercial, never showing us why these toys could be especially fun to play with.
More troubling, this is a movie for young children that begins (in live-action) with a teenager and her six-year-old brother opening the door of their home to a pair of police officers, who have come to tell them that their parents have been killed in an accident. Stories about children need to get the parents out of the way somehow so the kids can have an adventure, but this is too intense and shocking for film’s tone and likely to upset younger children. It then jumps ahead four years, as the now-22-year-old Marla comes home exhausted, the burden of her responsibilities having taken all of the sense of fun and adventure out of her life. « It’s like when Mom and Dad died, you died, too, and we’re just pretending to be a family,  » her now-ten-year-old brother Charlie ( Gabriel Bateman) tells her. So, she probably needs more than a magical trip to toyland to cheer her up, but that’s all we’re going to get. Marla ( Anya Taylor-Joy) discovers that Charlie has run away. She uses his cell phone’s tracking device to find him at a not-yet-open toy fair with a massive display of Playmobil toys including a castle, pirate and Viking ships, and a Roman Coliseum-style amphitheater set up for gladiator battles. There is also a lighthouse with a magical ray of light that transports them into the world of the toys. Marla is a Playmobil version of herself, but Charlie transforms from a child into a burly Viking with a beard. Charlie has been captured by the evil Emperor Maximus ( Adam Lambert), who says he will give the people what they want—brutal trial by combat. Charlie joins a collection of warriors including an Amazon, a futuristic bounty hunter, and a pirate captain ( Kenan Thompson) assembled by Maximus as gladiators. Marla is determined to rescue him. And so, she has the adventure she dreamed of before her parents died, visiting all kinds of different lands (but is there really a Playmobil kit to build a seedy nightclub that’s run by a worm-creature)? She meets an assortment of characters, with the stand-outs being the super-cool and elegant British spy Rex Dasher (voiced by Daniel Radcliffe), and a fairy godmother whose most important magical power is encouragement (voiced by Meghan Trainor). Most of her time is spent with Del ( Jim Gaffigan), this movie’s version of The Dude, an easygoing guy who wears Hawaiian shirts, sells « enchanted » pink bales of hay, makes a mean burrito, and is in debt to the worm-creature. The settings, like the songs, and, let’s face it, the toys, are bland and generic. « Playmobil: The Movie » might help pass the time on a snow day, but it is nowhere near as entertaining as whatever stories kids will make up for their toys themselves.
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Во время игры Чарли и его старшая сестра Марла попадают в мир игрушек. Потеряв там брата, Марла отправляется на его поиски. Вместе с новым другом Делом и спецагентом Рэксом Дашером ей нужно добраться до Колизея и обезвредить императора Максимуса, агенты которого похищают людей для участия в гладиаторских боях. Но добраться туда можно только через пять киновселенных: Землю Викингов и Мир Юрского периода, Дикий Запад, Волшебную страну и Шпионский город.
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Playmobil — тематические развивающие конструкторы, с которыми можно создать целый мир
После успешного «Лего. Фильма» многих это побудило на создание своих фильмов по мотивам детских конструкторов, от Funko до Playmobil. И если версия 2009 года с бюджетом в 10 млн. долларов с историей про пиратов, не снискала популярности, то разработчики во второй раз понадеялись на удачу и популярность таких фигурок, в последнее время, на большом экране.
Самое интересное что работая, в подобном мультипликационном стиле, создатели добавляют живых людей. К счастью тут сияет Аня Тейлор-Джой. Не каждый день можно насладиться её вокалом, особенно в начале, когда её песни и пляски вдохновляли на свершения. Что интересно, в каком фильме, где она бы не появилась с 2015-го, везде погибают родители героини!
Марла (Аня) слишком рановато стала ответственной и даже закрылась от всего, что было дорого раньше, в надежде защитить братишку от опасностей. А мир — это одна большая опасность. А сама сестрёнка окунётся в игрушечный мирок викингов суперагентов и классных приключений, чтобы изменить отношение к жизни. А пока братишка борется с врагами (в придачу ещё обзавелся бородой и секирой), Марла находит новых друзей!
Понравился Делл — весёлый и неунывающий водитель грузовичка. Своим делом, напомнил Эмметта из первого мультфильма «Лего». Только жажда наживы у него переваливает. Ну, а на обоятельного Рекса Дэшера ( Дэниэл Рэдклифф) невозможно налюбоваться. Секретный агент, напомнил того Бэтмена, естественно игрушечного. Но самое удивительное, что здесь нет любовной линии, на которой стоит Марла.
Да, дебютный проект Лино ДиСальво — до этого работавший в озвучке голубя Винни из «Вольта» (а здесь заговорит голосом влюбчивого робота) получился увлекательным зрелищем, от которого отрываться неохота. Он буквально захватывает сознание, так что этот мультфильм очаровывает. Не только персонажи вселяют уверенность, но главный посыл мульта:
Если веришь в чудо — то путешествия найдут тебя сами!
прямая ссылка
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10 / 6
24 августа 2019 | 15:12
Мне этот мультик-фильм понравился. Не могу понять, почему такой музыкальный и динамичный фильм заработал в США только 1 миллион долларов. Мне этот мультик или точнее фильм понравился. В нём много песен и очень смешно высмеиваются супершпионы. Этот фильм высмеивает все стереотипы современного кино. Здесь есть шутки и над суперагентами, и над секретными базами, и над викингами, и над волшебными феями, и над жадностью, и над суперзлодеями. Фильм высмеивает все стереотипы, а музыкальные номера дарят улыбку зрителям. Я думаю, что после проекта «Лего фильм» (2014) режиссёр Лино ДиСальво не смог избежать вторичности. Проект не оригинальный, но очень музыкальный и смешной.
Помощник Дэл на всё готов ради денег, но его бурито высмеивает сериал «Симпсоны» (1989-.. ). Меня потрясло, насколько смешно этот проект пародирует и высмеивает голливудские фильмы. Мне было смешно и весело смотреть этот фильм. Музыкальные номера радовали глаз. Наверное, раз этот проект не от «Лего», то нет и международного масштаба. Но мне всё равно понравился этот фильм. В нём есть какая-то детская непосредственность. Актриса Аня Тейлор-Джой хорошо играет вначале беззаботность, а потом заботу. Мне понравилась озвучка суперагента Рекса Дашера (его озвучивает Быстров). А в оригинале его озвучивает сам Дэниэл Рэдклифф (Гарри Поттер в собственном виде).
Фильм очень динамичный. 99 минут пролетают как 10. Музыкальные номера не дают сидеть спокойно на месте и уносят в танец за героями. Пять вселенных раскрывают эпичность проекта.
Император Максимус самый настоящий злодей. Он очень смешно показан, и высмеивает всех голливудских злодеев. Все герои очень характерные и смешные. Фильм мне понравился.
10 из 10
0 / 0
25 февраля 2020 | 07:46.

I actually found it entertaining. It’s a blatant rip off of several other movies (Lego, Star Wars, The Terminator, Bond, Thor Ragnarok) but overall I liked it and your kids probably will like it too.


Playmobil: The.
Playmobil: the movie putlocker.
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Playmobil: the movie cast.
Playmobil the movie tv spot.
We have movie night every Friday and this movie was the latest choice. Our family loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It genuinly is a grear family movie. Loads of disney references to various characters and themes, and a fun watch. Ignore the comparisons to Lego and give this a go! One for the fam.

Playmobil the movie netflex.

Playmobil the movie soundtrack.

Playmobil: the movie movie toys.

Playmobil the movie release date.

Playmobil: the movie fairy godmother.

A lot or a little?
The parents’ guide to what’s in this movie.
Viewers will be reminded of the power and importance of play.
Promotes imaginative play and sibling teamwork and unity. Marla and Charlie must learn to get through their differences, work together. They rediscover joy of play and of teamwork. Marla’s storyline encourages travel, risk-taking (within reason), trusting in your own abilities.
Positive Role Models & Representations Marla is an attentive, caring big sister who won’t stop looking for her brother. She gives up her dreams to raise him. Charlie realizes how much Marla means to him, is selfless as he tries to save his new friends. Del helps, too, even though Marla doesn’t have as much gold as she said she did. Rex is a clever, dashing, James Bond-like character.
Sad moment when police arrive to announce death of Marla and Charlie’s parents. Physical comedy and slapstick. A few battle scenes with catapults, swords, etc. A Roman-style emperor hosts gladiator-style battles to the death featuring the strongest warriors of the universe. In an Old West locale, a sheriff shoots his gun. Rex has a zapper gun he uses to immobilize the enemy. Rex and Marla use a huge ice gun to freeze opponents.
Song lyrics include a line about a « silly wench.  » Mild language includes « this sucks,  » « you kiss your mother with that mouth,  » « prehistoric pea brain,  » and « scum,  » « Jeez,  » « son of a…  » etc.
The entire movie is connected to Playmobil toys, and there are many tie-ins with the movie.
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking Adult characters drink what could be alcohol (Vikings toast with steins of beer or ale); a couple of characters end up temporarily unconscious from a sleep serum/drugged drink.
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User Reviews
Adult Written by nduns December 7, 2019
Adult Written by mrazzari October 19, 2019
Not impressed
Movie kicks off with « real world » kids who then fall into a fantasy Playmobil world. The kids parents die in a car crash, with no impact on the plot o… Continue reading
Teen, 14 years old Written by LeoWilson September 12, 2019
Teen, 13 years old Written by Lainie. R January 11, 2020
I didn’t watch this yet and I never will. Looks like absolute trash with bathroom humor and other dumb things. Also a rip off LEGO Movie that didn’t g… Continue reading
What’s the story?
In PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE, Brooklyn-raised high school senior Marla ( Anya Taylor-Joy) loves playing with her 6-year-old brother, Charlie ( Gabriel Bateman), but she can’t wait to graduate and start traveling the world with her brand-new passport. Then life takes an unexpected turn when tragedy strikes. Four years later, Marla struggles to raise 10-year-old Charlie, who runs off to Manhattan to join a friend but gets sidetracked at a toy convention that features a huge Playmobil display. When Marla tracks her brother down there, they get magically transported into the animated Playmobil universe, where Marla looks basically the same but Charlie looks like a warrior with super strength. The siblings are drawn into a war between pirates, Vikings, and knights, and Charlie is kidnapped at the bequest of Maximus (voiced by Adam Lambert), a Roman-style emperor who hosts gladiator-style battles to the death featuring the strongest warriors of the universe. Now Marla must figure out a way to once again find and rescue her brother.
Is it any good?
There aren’t enough moments of delight, humor, or joy in this toy-based movie, which is likely to bore parents but may well appeal to young kids who enjoy Playmobil sets. After the success of the Lego movies, it’s hard not to see Playmobil: The Movie as a completely derivative endeavor that falls far short. In a reverse of the original Lego Movie, this one begins with the live-action part and then transitions into the animated toy world. But this one isn’t nearly as clever or funny, the music isn’t as catchy, and the set pieces and characters are only vaguely familiar, unless you’re an existing (or former) Playmobil fan.
All of that said, the talented voice cast saves this from being a completely wasted 90 minutes. While the songs are bland and forgettable, Lambert’s Freddie Mercury-esque vocals as the villainous Maximus are fun. (Just don’t expect to leave singing the new « it song » of the season. ) The buddy road-trip subplot between Marla and Del is silly, though it lacks sparkling banter and chemistry. But it’s still funnier than the parts with Charlie and his fellow imprisoned « gladiators.  » Disappointing but not unwatchable, Playmobil feels more like a C-grade copycat than an original idea.
Talk to your kids about…
Families can talk about how Playmobil: The Movie capitalizes on familiarity with the toy brand. What toy-based movies have worked the best? Does seeing toys in a movie make you want to get them?
Why do you think lots of family-targeted movies feature orphans and dead parents? What is it about orphans that make them appealing as characters? Who are your favorite pop culture orphans?
Who do you consider a role model in the movie? How do they exhibit character strengths like perseverance and courage?
Movie details
In theaters: December 6, 2019
On DVD or streaming: March 3, 2020
Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Daniel Radcliffe, Jim Gaffigan
Director: Lino DiSalvo
Studio: STX Entertainment
Genre: Family and Kids
Topics: Magic and Fantasy, Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, and More, Brothers and Sisters
Run time: 99 minutes
MPAA rating: PG
MPAA explanation: action/peril and some language
Last updated: March 02, 2020
Themes & Topics
Magic and Fantasy
See all
Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, and More
Brothers and Sisters
Our editors recommend
Hilarious toy tale plugs product but is nonstop fun.
Prequel is fun, with less peril than previous films.
Fun, colorful adventure has some peril, lots of great music.
Sweet visuals and songs are complicated by mixed messages.
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Playmobil:the movie trailer.
Playmobil the movie review.
Playmobil: the movie movie charlie.


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